War Room

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We have discussed a couple great movies that the Kendrick Brothers have made, Facing the Giants and Courageous.  You have probably heard, but they have a new one out that has just recently been released on DVD.  The name of this one is War Room, and like the other Kendrick Brothers films, it is excellent.  These movies are among our favorite Family Fun Time activities. 

     My wife follows the making of the films from the Kendrick Brothers quite closely.  She knows about them while they are under construction and announces each new glimpse of a trailer with anxious delight.  Some time ago, she told me about the new movie that was coming out (she usually puts a date night on our calendar for the opening weekend!)  She told me the name of this one was War Room, and that it was a film about marriage.  I was thinking for the movie to have that title, the marriage must really be in bad shape!  I mean, if their marriage is a War Room, it must be bad!  It turns out that the movie, (and specifically a main character in the movie, Miss Clara), teaches the young woman in the movie how to dramatically improve her marriage and family through the power of prayer.  In fact, I think this is more of a movie on prayer than it is a movie on marriage.  The marriage is the setting that Miss Clara (Karen Abercrombie) uses to teach the lessons on prayer. 

War Room
Miss Clara (Karen Abercrombie)

All too often, if someone were to ask me if I pray for my family, I might quickly indicate that of course I do.  However, after watching Miss Clara and listening to her lessons that she passes on to her young apprentice, Elizabeth (Priscilla Shirer), I might feel a little convicted that my prayers are a little quick and a little shallow, especially my prayers for those as important as my wife and children. 

Elizabeth (Priscilla Shirer)
Elizabeth (Priscilla Shirer)

As with all of the Kendrick Brothers films, the story is told with a perfect mix of humor to keep it light and entertaining, but with a message that will pop you square in the nose and perhaps even induce you to use that emoji that has the eyes wide open in amazement instead of the cute little smiley face. 

     We get the opportunity to peek in on the lives of a family that is having more success with work and money than with family relationships.  In fact, the family relationships in the beginning of the film are pretty toxic and they kinda get worse as it goes on.  However, Elizabeth meets Miss Clara and ends up meeting with her regularly as they discuss their family relationships, as well as their prayer habits. 

War Room

The lessons – and the resulting effects on their family – are great stuff.  I really think your family will enjoy seeing War Room.  I know we did.  I encourage you to grab a copy of the DVD, or even Amazon Video streaming and watch it with your family for your next Family Fun Time.  It will show you that the War Room is not where you go to fight your spouse, but it is instead where you go to fight FOR your spouse. 

War Room

I don’t want to tell you the movie as I don’t want to spoil it.  However, I will tell you this movie is good stuff.  I highly recommend it.  I think you will enjoy it and learn great things from Miss Clara along the way. 

Miss Clara 2016! 

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This post was written by Jason Southerland

3 thoughts on “War Room

  1. What a beautiful review of War Room! I too felt convicted in the same way. I was left to question my shallow prayers and whether or not I am really “warring” for my family and husband. This movie was awesome. I think we all need a Clara in our lives and need to be a Clara in someone else’s life. Powerful indeed!!!

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment! I love this movie. I too, thought Jason, my husband, did a fantastic job on the write up. I am so inspired to take my job of praying more seriously! There is a real war out there and sometimes I forget. I am so glad the movie is making such an impact.

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