Top 10 Reasons Instant Pot is the Best Choice for President

Not long ago, a special box arrived at my doorstep. I squealed in delight and rushed to the kitchen to open it.

What was it?

Instant Pot

An Instant Pot!

I love my Instant Pot!

Is that weird? I just declared my love for an appliance. I think I need help.

I am totally voting for my Instant Pot for President! Yep. That confirms it. I definitely need help.

IP for President 2016

What is this Instant Pot you speak of?  I am so glad you asked.

I have an Instant Pot (IP for short) Duo 7-in-1 6 qt. Multi-Function Pressure Cooker.

An Instant Pot is:

1. Pressure Cooker
2. Slow Cooker
3. Rice Cooker
4. Sauté/browning
5. Yogurt Maker
6. Steamer
7. Warmer

But what it really is, is awesome! I have made the most delicious and flavorful items in this kitchen appliance.

I’ve made pinto beans my children were arguing over, yogurt that is thick and dreamy, mashed potatoes that my children want to eat for every meal, and sweet potatoes that were so moist that they melted in my mouth.  

It has a treasured permanent spot on my very limited counter. Never are there too many days that pass by without its tantalizing red numbers lit up indicating that something delicious is inside.

Why do I love my Instant Pot?

1. It saves me time
2. The flavors are incredible
3. The meat is moist
4. I can make meals using just one pot
5. Clean up is fast
6. I can set it and forget it (dinner that almost makes itself)
7. Meals are super easy
8. It’s not complicated

I am drooling over the Instant Pot 8 qt. I find myself pushing the capacity limits of my IP, but I am currently feeding 8 hungry people. I am crossing my fingers for a Black Friday sale so I can add the 8 qt to my IP arsenal.  Wouldn’t that be cool?

In fact, after the debate last night, I found myself thinking we could take this whole thing one step further…

Top Ten Reasons to Vote Instant Pot for President

10. He won’t raise taxes
9. He’s a candidate both Democrats and Republicans can get behind
8. He will not overstep any of his limited constitutional power
7. He gets great support from all his cabinet positions
6. He will make America’s food great again
5. We’re stronger together
4. He doesn’t embarrass himself or others when he blows off steam
3.  When his timer goes off, he won’t ask for 4 more years
2. He performs best under pressure
1. If he gets out of line, I can just unplug him!


IP for President 2016

I will be posting IP recipes in the near future; stay tuned. Sign up below so you don’t miss a single delicious recipe. And don’t forget, Instant Pot for President 2016.

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