We love hamburgers and homemade fries or hamburgers and Cheesy Hash Browns

For the longest time we made quarter pound burgers for dinner.  The little ones never ate all of it and the bigger ones were sometimes still hungry, but not hungry enough for a second burger.  I am not a fan of wasting food and I also don’t want the children to leave the table hungry.

Somewhere along the way, I had a flash of brilliance and decided to make sliders instead.  They are small enough for the younger ones to eat one.  The older children can eat two or three and the extra buns help fill them up!  Win-win!  We now make between 7-8 sliders per pound of hamburger and my family can get away with 2 lbs of hamburger if we serve some sort of potatoes with it!  I love finding ways to make food stretch while still filling up tummies.


We don’t do anything fancy to cook our sliders.  We just season them with garlic salt or seasoned salt and fry them.

So, while this isn’t earth shattering, and calling it a “flash of brilliance” may be a stretch, I wanted to share this quick little tip with you.


What is your favorite way to make a meal go further? 

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