Runner From Ravenshead

As I sit down to write a Family Fun Times blog post, something happened…  It is one of my favorite ways of choosing Family Fun Times topics to write about.  It happened because RaShell and the older children are off at Karate lessons tonight so I am home with the two littlest guys.  I told the older of the two I was going to work on a blog post and to let me know if they needed anything, etc.  He wanted to put on a movie (a favorite activity on karate nights).  We discussed a couple, and finally settled on a family favorite that our family of all ages loves…  It is called Runner from Ravenshead.  So, I headed out to write a blog post, but changed the subject I was going to write about to match what both my youngest boys are enjoying as I write…  I love that! 

I love this movie.  That’s the short version of my review.  🙂  I guess maybe a little bit more detail would be appropriate.  OK, there are several things I love about this movie.  (listed in no particular order)  First, I love the fact that it is a fun movie.  This movie is a ton of fun to watch.  It is so entertaining.  Part of the reason the movie is so much fun leads me to another reason why I love this movie.  I love this movie because the cast is made up of a handful of children from a homeschool family.  As a homeschool dad myself with a larger than average number of children, it is sometimes so easy to feel like I am too busy and stressed out to get anything productive done.  However, it is AMAZING to see what this family was able to accomplish!  In fact, you’re probably thinking if this was made by a family and not a more typical movie studio, then there’s not much point to watch it.  But, let me assure you the opposite is the case!  You will be so glad you watched this one.  The production is good.  The characters are very effectively played by a few children, often doubling up a couple roles, but clearly held in character by extremely cute costumes.  Did I mention I love this movie?  The child actors are incredibly cute and greatly entertaining! 

Runner from Ravenshead

However, the thing I like best about the film is that the plot is an allegory of Christian salvation.  The main character finds herself entrapped in a prison.  She gets out, but she is constantly being pursued by her relentless warden who threatens to drag her back into captivity at any second.  This is the story of how she gains her freedom from being constantly pursued as a runaway, and finally finds rest.  If you have ever felt like all you can do is to constantly run trying to stay one step ahead of those wardens that are chasing you down, then this movie is for you! 

I don’t know for sure whether or not I mentioned this, but I love this movie.  It is a great one.  My children of all ages love it.  The children cast is adorable, and the message is inspirational.  It also stands in my mind as a beautiful example of what a family can do if they work diligently at it and trust the Lord to enable them to do it. 


I love this movie…  Runner from Ravenshead…  Get it, watch it, love it.

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