Reunion Tower- Family Fun for Everyone

Jason took me to Reunion Tower (or “The Big Microphone” as my children call it) in Dallas a few years ago for our anniversary as a surprise.  It was so much fun!

I knew my children would love it, and we have been looking for a chance to take them there.  This is the perfect Family Fun Time activity, and we are headed there soon.

We can’t wait to take pictures in front of the green screen and ride the elevator.  The children are going to love the amazing view and I know they will want to take a peek through the telescopes.  The GeO-Deck is so much fun!  The lights and walls are amazing.  I can’t wait to show them.

Reunion Tower

We are also going to stop by Cloud Nine for a delicious lunch.   If you see our children before then, don’t tell them.  It’s a surprise and they are going to LOVE it!

Our friends at Reunion Tower have a great deal for us today.  Check it out!

Reunion Tower

From 470 feet up you’ll experience breathtaking 360-degree panoramic views, high-definition zoom cameras, interactive touch screens, telescopes, photo ops and an indoor/outdoor observation deck that lets you see for miles in any direction.

The journey begins in our PIX photo experience at the bottom of the tower. Guests are able to take their photo in front of a green screen and change their backgrounds to one of six images of the Dallas skyline. Next, guests board the elevators that are ready to usher them 470 feet in the air in 68 seconds to the GeO-Deck.

Reunion Tower
This indoor/outdoor observation deck lets guests explore the city unlike anywhere else. Step up to the interactive touch screen Halo and with just one swipe discover local hidden gems, historic landmarks, museums, parks and much more. 

Ready for a different view? Head outside for a lap around the exterior deck and feel the wind in your hair as you stand 470 feet on the outside deck! Day or night, make the iconic Reunion Tower your first stop to explore interesting things to see and do in Dallas. 

$3 off General Admission to Reunion Tower’s GeO-Deck

Receive $3 off an adult general admission ticket to Reunion Tower’s GeO-Deck when you present this coupon or mention code “USFam”!

For more information visit[email protected]

Grab your tickets.  We will see you there!

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