Redemption of Henry Myers

For today’s Family Fun Times post, I’d like to write about a great movie.  Now, I don’t know about you, but I enjoy a good western, cowboy, shoot ‘em up movie. In fact, I’d have to plead guilty to really liking a movie that came out years ago (in 1985) called Silverado…  It has a great cast and even stars a couple guys you may have heard of named Kevin Costner and Danny Glover…  It also has several one-liners that I might occasionally quote from time to time as appropriate…  Well, yes, it’s true, I do enjoy Silverado, but I can’t recommend it as a Family Fun Times activity due to a couple of the details of the movie…  So, this post isn’t about Silverado.  It is, however, about a great western movie complete with bank robber bad guys, gun fights in the street, and well, I think you get the idea.  The name of the movie is “Redemption of Henry Myers”.

Redemption of Henry Myers

The difference in a movie like Redemption of Henry Myers vs. a more traditional western like Silverado has to do with the definition of “Good guys” and “Bad guys”.  There are some scenes in Silverado where the good guys do something and you’re excited about it, (like breaking out of jail) but later in discussing the movie, it gets hard to explain to children (as a hypothetical example) why it’s ok that the good guys break out of jail, set stuff on fire, run off with the ladies, etc, etc.  In fact, my daughter’s summary of Silverado goes something like, “It’s a great movie where a corrupt Sheriff puts good people in jail just for killing people” :).  By the way, in Silverado, the “Good guys” and “Bad guys” are mostly defined in the beginning (with a couple additions to the “Bad guy” side as the movie goes on).  However, in Redemption of Henry Myers, “Good guys” vs “Bad guys” has more to do with what Jesus does, than with what the people do (kind of like in real life). 

The theme of Redemption of Henry Myers is included in the title.  It is how someone’s life can be redeemed and radically changed by the power of salvation through Jesus Christ.  Personally, I was saved as a young child and grew up in a family that loved me, so I’ve had it pretty easy.  But I do love to hear testimonies of people whose lives were a mess until Jesus turned them around through salvation.  It’s not that I like it that things were a mess, but I just think it is neat to be able to see so clearly the work of Jesus in someone’s life.


 In the movie we get to meet a character named Henry Myers.  Henry is a “Bad guy”, a really bad “Bad guy”.  The movie goes on and through an interesting turn of events, it shows us a clear picture of the real impact of his hardened criminal way of life on other characters in the movie that we grow to love as the film goes on…  I don’t want to spoil the movie for you so I will stop talking about the plot.  But let me say I really like this one.  It is decidedly Christian, complete with Bible reading and even talking about Jesus and his forgiveness.  I give it my highest recommendation.  I will say there are a couple scenes where Bad guys are in the house, holding mom at gunpoint, etc., so it could be a little too intense for the little ones.  However, if all your viewers are ok with that kind of thing, then it is a great movie. 

Redemption of Henry Myers

One funny thing I have noticed about westerns…  One gunshot will kill the bad guys nearly every time, but one shot only kills the good guys if they are married to the pretty girl…  that one holds true in this movie too, so I guess it does have some things in common with Silverado…  🙂


Do you have a favorite western film?  Let’s talk about it in the comments!     


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