Potato Chip Nachos

I said in my first Family Fun Times post that I couldn’t do much in the kitchen so I was unqualified to write a blog post on a kitchen recipe.  However, last night I discovered something through an interesting turn of events and I thought the results were worth sharing!  So, here goes with my first recipe post, Potato Chip Nachos!

The turn of events went like this: it was Sunday evening, and we were enjoying a fun time at home together (which is usually where I get my ideas for Family Fun Times).  Somebody had the idea to make some nachos.  So, we put a couple boys on shredding cheese (sorry, no time for the Bosch in an urgent matter like this!).   My daughter and I began the process of trying to find corn chips. During our search, we uncovered a few partial bags of things that I think might have been corn chips at one time.  We had a couple of those moments where you try to remember where on earth that partial bag came from or how long ago it must have been when they were opened and partially consumed.  Well, let’s just say the search continued…

During the search, my son asked an interesting question.  He has some struggles with allergies, and corn is one of those things that he needs to keep to a minimum.  He asked me if we could make some of the nachos with potato chips so he could eat them more freely.  It was a strange moment for me because it had never crossed my mind to make nachos out of potato chips!  In fact, I had just bought two large bags of Kettle crinkle chips from Costco.  (I won’t pretend like they’re healthy, but at least they’re non GMO, no MSG, and no preservatives).  Most importantly, they are gluten free so my son can eat them without a problem.  Anyway, all of a sudden the idea of potato chip nachos was born!  

Potato Chip Nachos

potato chips (We like Kettle chips)
shredded cheese
bacon bits

So, this is not a very complex recipe!  We started with parchment paper in a cookie sheet (to try to make cleanup easier).  Then we laid out the potato chips.  

Potato Chip Nachos

Then, we sprinkled a bunch of shredded cheddar cheese on top of them.  

Potato Chip Nachos

I joked with RaShell that I might have found a recipe that even I could post, so I started taking photos…  Well, somewhere between my taking photos and putting them in the oven, my daughter had an idea and added bacon bits on top of the cheese (a great addition- why didn’t I think of that?).  Anyway, we baked it at 350 for a few minutes which heated everything up and melted the cheese.  Let me tell you what, I am a fan of potato chip nachos!

Oh, one more thing…  To finish up, we turned the broiler on to finish melting all the cheese.  When the cheese was melted, we pulled it out and served right from the cookie sheet.  (P.S. On a COMPLETELY hypothetical note, you’d want to make sure the parchment paper DOES NOT touch the broiler heating element- it would be a shame to start a fire on such a simple recipe!!) Maybe I should stick with Family Fun Time posts…  🙂

Potato Chip Nachos
Hypothetical parchment paper fire

I think Potato Chip Nachos will be a snack we will keep around and serve regularly (with a better cook).  This is a great addition to some of our Family Fun Time activities!  

Potato Chip Nachos

What kinds of snacks does your family enjoy?  Thanks for posting in the comments!  

Potato Chip Nachos
Potato Chip Nachos are an amazing twist on an old favorite. Super fast, easy to assembly and a delicious cheesy, bacon, salty taste!
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  1. Potato Chips
  2. Cheddar cheese, shredded
  3. Bacon bits
  1. Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper.
  2. Place a single layer of potato chips on the parchment paper.
  3. Sprinkle with cheese and bacon bits.
  4. Bake at 350 degrees for about 10 minutes or until the chips are warm.
  1. Place under the broiler for just a couple minutes to melt the cheese.
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This post was written by Jason Southerland

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