Kefir- A Husband’s Perspective

Ok, so by now you’ve had a chance to read my wife’s blog post on kefir.  Now that you’re armed with that information, I wanted to share some things from a husband’s perspective so at least your family will be warned know a little more about what to expect about this phenomenon called kefir. 

     The process of making kefir involves pouring milk over some kind of magical “grains” that apparently have more in common with cottage cheese than actual grain – I don’t know – I don’t make this stuff up…  then leave the milk out on the kitchen counter for hours or days at a time.  Now I don’t know what the rules were in the home where you grew up…  but let’s just say that when I was a kid, I would not have left jars of milk out on the kitchen counter overnight – at least not on purpose, at least not more than once. 

     So, after the “sitting out on the counter” time, then your wife will pour this stuff through a strainer where the milk (with some coercion) goes though the strainer and the “grains” don’t.  I REALLY encourage you not to stick around for this part…  or you might declare the end of kefir creation in your home forever.  I confess this has crossed my mind…  The whole thing looks like what you’d probably expect something to look like when taken out of a jar of milk left on the counter all night…   I’m sure it is beautiful to somebody… 

       The other thing that comes with this is that random jars of white liquid will start to appear around your home – whether on the counter, in the refrigerator, in the bathroom, etc.  The only thing I will offer is DO NOT OPEN!   These are all very important to the kefir creation process!  The other day I saw one that looks particularly nasty…  “It got behind stuff on the counter and forgotten” was the explanation…  I don’t know…  I’m sure this is beautiful to somebody… 

     So, I wanted to let you know a little of what to expect if you head down the kefir creation road…  so there you have it.  So, why would anybody make this stuff?  I admit I have asked this question plenty of times in the past…  the only reason I can come up with is when I see the children jumping for joy that Mommy is making kefir smoothies…  and from what I hear it is actually REALLY good for them.  So, it is then that I realize this stuff really is beautiful to somebody… 

At least now you’ve been warned…  🙂

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This post was written by Jason Southerland

4 thoughts on “Kefir- A Husband’s Perspective

  1. hahahaha I laughed so incredibly hard through this post! My hubby always jokingly says, “Is this your inner hippy coming out? I think I need to go hunting!” Then proceeds to say he doesn’t care as long as I don’t try to feed him any of that stuff. Thanks for a great laugh and dose of reality in many homes!!!

  2. Hahahahaha! These thoughts have crossed our minds, too, especially the ones about multiple jars all over the kitchen. Now to try all of RaShell’s smoothie recipes. . .

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