Instant Pot Newbies

Are you an Instant Pot newbie?

The Instant Pot community has its own terminology and it’s a little confusing at first.  Let me give you just 6 quick abbreviations and terms to help you get on with using your Instant Pot.

What is an Instant Pot?

The official definition of an Instant Pot is a multi-function electric pressure cooker.  

My definition is “my most used and loved appliance in my kitchen”.  I  use it to make side dishes, main meals, rice, yogurt, and hard boiled eggs.  It is useful for so many meals.

Let’s start with some Instant Pot abbreviations you might see

IPInstant Pot  This is the machine you just purchased. 

QRQuick Release  This refers to using the knob on the top of the lid to quickly release the pressurized steam.  Be careful when you release the steam and use a long-handled utensil so that you don’t get burned.

NRNatural Release  If a recipe says to Natural Release or NR, you should allow the pressure to come down naturally.  This will take some time.  Good news!  There is nothing to do for an NR.   You just leave it alone until all the steam releases naturally.  If you are paying attention, you will hear the pin drop when the NR is finished.  If the recipe says NR for 5 Minutes, then you would allow it to natural release for 5 minutes and then do a QR.  

PIPPot in pot  Sometimes you will place another pot inside your liner on a rack to cook something.  Thick items like casseroles, lasagna, meatloaf, etc. often use this method of cooking.

Now for a couple of quick Instant Pot terms

Up to pressure–  Your Instant Pot will say “ON” until it reaches the correct pressure to cook.  This is similar to preheating your oven.  Once the IP is up to pressure, it will start counting down the cooking time.

Pin drop–  When the pressure has released completely, either through QR or NR, the metal pin will drop, letting you know it is safe to open the lid.  This is a fantastic safety measure that locks the lid and prevents it from opening if it is still under pressure. 

I hope this helps you get acquainted with some terms you will see in recipes for your Instant Pot.  If you are looking for some IP recipes, just click “Instant Pot Recipes” below.  

Instant Pot Recipes

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