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Learn How To Make It at Home

Classes at Mommy’s Apron are fun and informative. Our goal is for you to be able to go home and reproduce what you learn in class. Class size is limited to keep it interactive, fun, and personal. Ask questions, get your hands dirty, and maybe even win a drawing or two.

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Seeing wheat berries ground was a new experience for me and then to learn that the bread could be made without preservatives and additives was neat. The greatest part was to learn about the nutritional value of fresh ground wheat, and the reasons why it was so healthy for people was a surprise. I thought we would only learn the mechanics of baking bread, but the class gave many extra benefits!

When I took your bread making class, I had been making bread for a long time, but I learned new things and have enjoyed using the freshly ground wheat flour. Your class was well organized and very informative about the types of grains. I highly recommend it!

I was impressed with how well the class was organized and the depth of the information presented. This was one of the few classes you could walk in with little more than a curiosity and leave with the reason, ability, and resources to start doing on your own.

‪RaShell Southerland is an excellent and gifted teacher! After taking her hands-on class, I will never buy sandwich bread at the store! You can’t beat the health benefits of homemade bread made with home ground grain!