Groupon Coupons

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Raise your hand if you like to save money!  Both my hands are up!

I just recently learned about Groupon Coupons.  Do you know about them?  I have known about and used Groupon for years but I didn’t know they had coupons.  How cool is that?

Groupon Coupons

Now, I do need to admit, I am not much of a shopper.  I actually don’t really like shopping so when I do have to go it is because I need something.  Unless it’s books.  Then I can shop.  It can be dangerous!  But, I digress.  If I am going to shop, I want to save some money in the process.

So, what kind of coupons do they have?  Check this out!  Here are some of the places that I frequent that have coupons.

Amazon– Books!  You know that I am all about the books!  And everything else so I don’t have to go out shopping!  I love Amazon.  Score on the Amazon coupons!

Kroger– Grocery shopping?  Yep!  I do that!  Glad to see coupons for that chore.

Coldwater Creek–  So many cute clothes.  So glad they are online!  

Shutterfly– This is my favorite online store for photos and photobooks.

Kohl’s– Clothing.  I’m all about the clothes and the coupons!  And, there is a Kohl’s right by church.  It’s easy to get to.  

Lowe’s– We often find ourselves in Lowe’s for whatever latest project we have going on around the house.

I really need to check out Groupon Coupons before I go shopping!  There are too many stores to even count!  You can search by store name which is really handy.  I am excited about this new way to save money.

Have you used Groupon Coupons before?  Did you know that Groupon had coupons?

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