Give Me Five Desserts

I am so excited about this new series!   I have now over 100 posts and sometimes the older posts tend to get a little buried.  I am so blessed to have many readers who started with me in the beginning and I am excited to see my new readers coming on a regular basis.  My goal with the series is to “highlight the good stuff” so that we can all get in on the fun!

Welcome to Give Me 5!

Give Me 5

It is birthday season around here.  Four of the six gentlemen in our family have birthdays in this five week span.  In celebration of birthday season, we are starting out with Give Me 5 Desserts!

In no particular order, here are 5 of our favorites!

Give Me 5 Desserts!

Give Me 5 Desserts

1. Let’s start out with these awesome Chocolate No Bake Cookies.   I love these cookies!  I might need to go make some this afternoon!   What is there not to love about chocolate and peanut butter and not heating up the house with the oven?  Bring on the cookies!

Chocolate No Bake Cookies

2. Now, you need to know that I have had some pretty serious pie failures in my life.  Like the time we had Pie & Praise at church, and I had just had a baby a couple weeks before that, and I ruined the pie AND I almost had to throw away a cast iron pan!  And, I had to call “uncle” and my husband went out and bought two pies to bring to the church Pie & Praise.  How embarrassing!  But… the good news?  This is not one the pie I messed up!  Dutch Apple Pie is an amazing pie that is not difficult to make.  I love this pie.

Dutch Apple Pie

3.  Fudge!  I love fudge!  We always make fudge around Christmas time and it’s tons of fun to experiment with different flavors.  This is my basic fudge recipe and you can start from here and make all kinds of creations!  I also have Mint Chocolate Chip, Orange, and White Chocolate Raspberry Fudge recipes… but they are all fudge so we won’t count them against the Give Me 5 Desserts.  

Chocolate Fudge (5)

4. My husband’s all time favorite dessert ever!!  He is a southern boy through and through.  A country style restaurant is always judged by the Banana Pudding and he doesn’t go easy on them.  Very few pass the test.  I knew when we first got married that I am going to have to learn how to make this.  I have to admit, it is very tasty!

Banana Pudding

5. I am a huge fan of chocolate.  I could eat it every day that ends in “y”.  Chocolate is  my friend.  But every once in awhile, I get a hankering for a dessert that isn’t chocolate.  Strange, I know!  Blueberry Snack Cake is a wonderful non-chocolaty dessert.  It is so incredibly yummy!  

Blueberry Snack Cake

So, there you have it.  Give Me 5 Desserts!  I hope you find something yummy!  Have you tried any of these?

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2 thoughts on “Give Me Five Desserts

  1. I LOVE your blog. I am so glad you visited mine today and I found yours. You have the kind of recipes and ideas that I am all about! We seem to have the same philosophy on wanting to keep the old fashioned values and recipes in the kitchen adding some support from modern technology. I am not a teacher like you are so I will learn a lot of good ideas from you.

    1. I am so very honored you stopped by Pamela! And I disagree… you are a teacher! I see you teaching your grandchildren in the kitchen. What an incredible legacy you are leaving. Your website is a breath of fresh air! Thank you again for coming by.

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