Ft. Worth Zoo Fun Run

Ok, sometimes I say things that REALLY get me in trouble. Sometimes these things result in RaShell’s infamous front scoop kick like we learned about in the God’s Not Dead 2 post. (In her defense that really doesn’t happen all that often…). But most of the time when I say things that REALLY get me in trouble, it is during a temporary lapse of the parental judgement that usually protects me from saying such things. Probably the worst of these trouble-propelling statements happened the day I told my older children, “Sure I’ll run a 5K with you sometime…” Not smart… Really not smart. I don’t know if this even qualifies as a “Family Fun Times” post for obvious reasons, but here goes…

So, after making that dreadful statement on that infamous day, the children immediately bounded for joy in the way that is usually the sign that whatever I just said must be something considerably out of the norm like, “Sure we can buy a crawfish from the grocery store and turn him into a family pet named Spike.” (Spike was actually kind of cool- especially compared to a 5K). Anyway, so after having made the statement in question to my children, and seeing the way they held me to it with all the tenacity of Spike holding onto a piece of cat food, I went looking for a 5K.

The one I found sounded familiar because I had seen it last year too late to register (was it really over a year since I had said that??). Anyway, so determined not to let this promise go unfulfilled any longer, I registered myself and our three oldest children for the run.

Ft. Worth Zoo 5K Fun Run

The run is sponsored by the Fort Worth Zoo. The path of pain (I mean running path) starts out on the parking lot, runs out to the main road that I have driven on many, many times but I just very recently noticed actually contains a very steep hill, and then continues up and down a road of large, very beautiful homes. (The kind of homes that vomiting in their bushes doesn’t seem like a good option- I thought that was a huge oversight by the 5K planning committee).

Ft. Worth Zoo 5K Fun Run

Anyway, then the fun part was that the last mile or so of the run went right down the main walkway of the zoo. This was handy because it made it necessary to stop for a bit to wish the elephants a very good morning- you know out of common courtesy, and I sincerely wanted the morning to be good for one of us.

Ft. Worth Zoo 5K Fun Run

Anyway, then roughly after I came back through the main gate of the zoo headed for the parking lot finish line, I saw my oldest son jumping and waving his arms and yelling as he ran toward me – (doubtless to notify the search and rescue team of my location). Then he seemed to indicate to me that he wanted me not only to keep running, but to do it faster as he yelled encouraging words. (That part was pretty cool). I soon saw the other two at the finish cheering me on. (Did they actually run this thing?)

Ft. Worth Zoo 5K Fun Run
Very cool 5K Run t-shirts!

So, while perhaps not the most fun of the Family Fun Times, I was very glad to have done it and to have spent quality time with my children at the start and finish lines- I didn’t see much of them in between!

Have you ever subjected yourself to, I mean, ran in a 5K or longer? Please tell us about it in the comments!

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