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OK, so last week we talked about one of our family’s favorite places to stay whenever we visit the Creation Museum, the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force, or anywhere else in that area.  That was Deborah’s Guesthouses.  It really is a great place to stay – FAR better than a hotel, especially if you’re one of the little ones that gets in trouble for being too loud in a hotel!  But let’s face it, sometimes a family needs to go somewhere other than Cincinnati!!  When we find ourselves in that situation, we have often enjoyed finding cabins at a KOA.

Now, in most places you want to travel, you can usually find a KOA.  In fact, you can usually find them along the way as well.  One thing I really like to do on the KOA website is to use their trip planner.  You can put in your starting place, and your destination, and it will show you all the KOAs within a couple miles of you route – very handy tool!  

Now when you think KOA, I know most folks think camping, like driving into the campsite, and spending half the night trying to dig everything out of the van so you can set up a tent just in time for the temperatures to drop…  No, not me.  In fact, I would never advise you to camp. 


If you want to be advised to camp, you might want to find a different Family Fun Time blog to follow… 🙂 I will never recommend it.  I have done it a few times, mind you, but I don’t recommend it.  No, I’m not a fan of camping!  However, KOA cabins are not really camping.  They are nice little cabins usually with a window unit type air and heater.  The beds are wooden frames with vinyl mattresses.  You bring your own bedding.  But, they are made for families, with bunk beds for the kids and usually a full size bed for the parents.  They are nothing fancy, but typically are a clean, warm, cool place to sleep. 


 When you go on the KOA website, you can search for a particular location and when you find the campground you’re interested in, you will see several categories over on the right hand side.  That other blog might encourage you to choose “Tent Camping Sites”, but not Mommy’s Apron Family Fun Times!!  No sir!!  We choose the option that says, “Cabin Accommodations”.  When you click on that, it will then list out the different sizes and types of cabins they have at that particular campground location.  You can choose by your preferences as to number of people, whether or not you need a restroom in the cabin or whether you are content to use the bath house, etc.  You can even find some with kitchens.  (For those that use the bath house, we have found them to be very clean)  Of course you have to also check availability based on the dates you need it.  Sometimes we have actually gotten two 4 person cabins and requested for them to be side by side.  They usually help us out… 

The particular KOA location will have fun things to do for the children with play areas, and a pool in most cases.  Some of our favorites are when they have a vendor selling food onsite.  We stayed at the San Antonio location once and they had a concession trailer parked there with folks making breakfast.  It was very good and very reasonably priced!  We have always enjoyed our stays at KOA cabins.  We usually wish we had more time to just hang out around the campground. 


I am a fan of the family getting out and doing fun things together.  KOA has been a fun part of that for us.  So has Deborah’s Guesthouses

However, I will say we have found some other ideas as well.  So, if you find you need a solution for your family to be able to stay all together, send us an email, I would be happy to help you find an idea… 

What are your family’s favorite destinations? 

All the photos in this post are stock photography and are not from KOA.

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