Family Fun Time at Reunion Tower

This post is sponsored by US Family Guide and Reunion Tower.  All opinions are mine.

We had a super Family Fun Time at Reunion Tower this past weekend.  My children have begged us for years to take them to the “big microphone!”.

If you aren’t from the Dallas area, you may wonder what this “Big Microphone” is?  It’s this amazing building in the middle of downtown Dallas that has 259 HUGE light bulbs on the outside sphere on the top of the tower.   It lights up at night and can be seen from over 15 miles away.

Reunion Tower

When we exited the glass elevator that zipped us 470 feet up in to the air in 68 seconds, we were greeted by Towanda, the most amazing tour guide (ambassador) ever.  Lively and entertaining, Towanda keep us rolling in laughter and on our toes.  “Grandma” Towanda really knows what she is talking about.  And it didn’t hurt at all that she led the children in a “Dad and Mom.  They rock, they rock, they rock!” cheer!  I’m keeping her around!

Our awesome Ambassador, Towanda, poses with the children

We looked around the GeO-Deck, then went outside to see the city and surrounding area.  I was amazed at how far we could see.  We saw the Cowboy’s Stadium that is 18 ½ miles away and the City of Ft. Worth skyline that is 32 miles away.  We even saw a teeny, tiny, 12 passenger van that belongs to us, way down in the parking lot. 

Reunion Tower
Checking out the city through the telescope

All of the children really enjoyed it.  The interactive screens were a whole lot of fun to play with, and I was happy to call it “school on Saturday” for all the information they learned including facts about the tower and local area, as well as the JFK assassination site which is easily viewable below.  

Reunion Tower
The interactive screens were so much fun

My 2 year old loved the walls that changed color.  He was fascinated by them and kept trying to see how they worked.

Reunion Tower
Checking out the light wall

We really enjoyed our time up at Reunion Tower.  Now the children can say that have been in the “big microphone”.

Reunion Tower
Looking at the city from Cloud 9 Cafe

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Reunion Tower
A happy day at Reunion Tower

And one last photo, just because it’s my blog and my children are cute.  😉

Reunion Tower
Baby having fun with Big Sissy and Big Brother

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