Facing the Giants

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In our family, we try to reserve Sundays as a rest day.  Believe me, the last thing in the world I am saying here is that we are somehow super-spiritual folks that have it all together.  We certainly do not, and I hope you can hear my heart in this.  To keep it real, I will tell you the reason we reserve Sunday as a day of rest, is that through my own miserable failure in this area not too many years ago, I learned how important it is to reserve a day of rest namely by not reserving a day of rest…  does that all make sense?  It is a long story that I won’t try to convey here in its entirety, but it resulted in one of the hardest years of our life.  Nowadays we find ourselves on Sunday afternoons with some family time where we don’t allow ourselves to do a bunch of housework, or write blog posts, or show real estate, or any of the other work activities that seem to occupy our other days.  It is a time we all hold as very valuable and we enjoy it very much.  Sometimes, especially on Sunday afternoons, we are looking for an activity we can all do together and the idea of popping in a movie sounds relaxing and fun. 

Facing the Giants

I have run into a problem here.  Sometimes I put in a movie I remember from my childhood as being outstanding, and find out that either I missed some big things when I first saw it 25-30 years ago, or maybe this is a new version where they have added a bunch of new material!  So, I go diving on the remote to turn it off and to rescue me from my parenting fail.  Sometimes when this happens, we end up spending the next hour or so watching trailers and trying to figure out a movie that is genuinely entertaining, but with content that is appropriate for the children.  Sometimes there are movies we mark as “Date night” movies not because they aren’t good movies, but because the subject material is aimed at people older than those running around our place.  (Think October Baby)

Facing the Giants

One set of movies we have found to be outstanding choices are the movies made by the Kendrick Brothers.  They made some earlier films, but for us, it all started with Facing the Giants.  This is one of our family’s most favorite movies.  It has the right mix of exciting football scenes to keep the little ones interested, a plot that is mature enough to keep the adults interested, and the right amount of funny scenes to keep everyone laughing.  During tough times when I am wondering why things seem to be going wrong, one of the children might put this movie on and I find myself being instructed and encouraged all over again by a movie I have seen many, many, times.

Without spoiling the movie for you, I will say that in Facing the Giants we learn to trust in the Lord, even when things look hopeless.  We learn that God is able to fight our biggest battles for us.  We learn that we need to be faithful and leave everything “on the field”, and to trust God with the results.  We learn these things in the context of a football team, and in a parallel story line of watching a man and his wife work through regular struggles life tends to throw at us.  It is beautiful to watch Grant and Brooke Taylor work through big trials together, enjoying life in a healthy marriage.  Like all of the Kendrick Brothers films, I watch it expecting to enjoy the many laughs, but also not being too far from the tissues, as the allergies tend to act up in this one… you’ve been warned! 

It is hard to believe this movie was released in 2006 – almost a decade ago.  But if you have not seen it, you really, really should watch it.  From the first time we saw it in the theaters when it first came out, this has been one of our family’s absolute favorites.  I give it my highest recommendation – it is a great way to relax with a movie that will have you laughing and crying and learning to trust the Lord with more of your life. 

Facing the Giants

Get this one and watch it!   Or get this one and watch it again! 

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