Essential Oils- You Do What With Them?

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There are four main ways to use essential oils.  Remember- quality matters!  If I didn’t trust my source for oils, I would not use them for health purposes.  We use and trust Hopewell Essential Oils.

You can take essential oils through your skin (rubbing them in), through your lungs (inhaling them), through your digestive tract (by swallowing them), or through the absorbent tissues of the body (suppositories or orally absorbed through the roof of your mouth).  I have used all four methods in my family at different times.

Which is your biggest organ?  Did you guess?  Hey, don’t keep reading yet- you are supposed to guess first!  Your biggest organ is your skin!  It is sometimes hard to remember that your skin is an organ.  It is so important to be very careful what we put on our skin.  Our face moisturizer, perfume, lotions, sunscreen- all those go directly on our biggest organ.  Would you put those ingredients on your liver or heart?  It is wise to consider what you are putting on your skin as well.

I mention skin because this is one of the fastest and easiest ways to use essential oils.  We often use them on the bottom of the feet, as it is a wonderful place for absorption, and the skin is tough so it can handle “hotter” oils without irritation.  We also put the oils on our hands, earlobes, back of the neck, stomach, chest, etc.  Where we use the oil depends on why we are using them, and which oil is being used.

My little ones usually prefer to take them through the skin, and I have found that dilution of the oils is necessary. 

I usually take them through my skin, and then breathe in the remaining oil on my hands.  I have a diffuser, and I love it!  My favorite oil to diffuse?  Lemon!  It’s my happy oil! 

Essential Oils- What to Do
Pro Diffuser from Hopewell Essential Oils. I love this diffuser. Photo credit: used with permission from Hopewell Essential Oils

You can also use a nasal inhaler that is basically a tube with a cotton center that you put drops of EO on and then smell the oils through the tube. 

Essential Oils- What to Do
Nasal Diffusers

When my son uses EO’s to help his breathing, he puts a drop on the back of his hand, licks it, and holds it to the roof of his mouth.  He will also rub some on his chest.

I haven’t done a lot of putting the oils in capsules and swallowing them, although I have used them that way occasionally.  I would never take them internally if I were not positive of the purity of my source for oils.  I have found, that most of the time, rubbing the oils on the bottom of my feet is just as effective as taking them internally, so I personally use this method sparingly.

Essential Oils- What to Do

The oils are very easy to use.  Just remember, they are highly concentrated, and you only need a drop or two, and that can often be oil that is diluted with a carrier oil!  Once again, I am amazed at the incredible oils God has given, and the ease with which I can use them.

What is your favorite way to use essential oils?

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