Essential Oils… Essential Whats???

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Essential oils (or EOs for short) are one of the most amazing things the Lord has brought into the life of our family for adding to our arsenal of tools at our disposal to help strengthen our bodies.  I have several friends who have embarked on this journey with me, and we have had so much fun learning and experimenting together!

In my effort to learn more about what essential oils are, I asked Linda Sherman from Hopewell Essential Oils to explain it for me. 

Essential oils are volatile, aromatic chemicals obtained by steam or hydrodistillation of various parts of plants, including seeds, bark, leaves, stems, roots, flowers and fruit. They are highly concentrated, beneficial secondary metabolites that serve as the defense mechanism of the plant. Although plants do not have an “immune system,” to thrive they must be able to resist the challenges of bacteria, fungi, viruses and be able to defend themselves against herbivores. They must attract pollinators, thus they are also the communication system of plants. –Linda Sherman, Hopewell Essential Oils

The molecules of the essential oils are so small that they can penetrate human cells and even cross the blood-brain barrier.  This is incredible!  They are absorbed very quickly into the body and are not greasy at all unless they are mixed with a greasy carrier oil.

Essential oils are different from dried herbs in that they are much more potent.  I use both dry herbs and essential oils in my family.  I love the diversity of use that both of them provide.

When I first started researching essential oils, I quickly realized that not all essential oils are of equal quality.  It is so important if you are using the oils for health purposes that you use high quality oils from a trusted source.  The essential oils you buy at a craft store or usually even at a health store are not for medicinal use.  When it comes to essential oils, the word “pure” and even the word “therapeutic” mean nothing!  Do your research!  Using inferior quality oils can be dangerous and detrimental to your health.  There is no industry standard grading system, although several companies have created their own grading system.  Young Living and doTERRA are wonderful oils.  My favorite oils are Hopewell Essential Oils.  I have personally met Linda Sherman, and I completely trust her testing and quality control.  I have no doubt that the oils we purchase from her are equal to or superior to the quality you can get through other reputable resources but at a fraction of the price.  I am so thankful for the ministry of Hopewell Essential Oils.  We have used these oils for over 5 years now and been very pleased with the quality.

Essential oils
Photo credit: used with permission from Hopewell Essential Oils

Once again, I am in awe of what God has created for our use.  My family has been so blessed by using these oils in multiple ways on a regular basis.  I will be sharing more in the coming weeks about how we use the oils in our family.

Do you use essential oils in your family?

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  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE essential oils! Thank you for introducing them to our family! God’s medicine is amazing!

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