Do You Believe?

Today for Family Fun Times, I want to write about a great movie.  It is called “Do You Believe?”  RaShell and I saw this one in the theater when it came out.  Afterward, we talked about it and decided it was a great movie, but because of the material covered in the film (similar to the way we felt about Fireproof), that we would wait to show it to the children.  We recently showed it to them anyway, at home on a much smaller screen, in a more controlled setting, and having the little ones leave at strategic places. 

Do You Believe

The film takes on several big topics like depression, suicide, marital problems, homelessness, loss of loved ones, robbery and other criminal violence.  We follow the lives of several different characters through trials like this that they are simultaneously going through and then in grand, dramatic fashion we end up in a big, climactic scene where all the stories come together in a way that will have you on the edge of your seat and starting a new habit of biting your fingernails.  It really is a great movie. 

Do You Believe

The beautiful thing is that also running through the complex and multifaceted storyline is another theme.  It is the theme that gives the film its name.  It is the question of “Do you believe?”, and the obvious corollary question that, if you believe, how should that affect the way you handle challenges offered by the trials we mentioned earlier?  In this way, it reminds me of Charles Sheldon’s classic novel, In His Steps.  Truly believing in the cross of Christ will affect your life.  This movie tells that story beautifully from several different perspectives of people dealing with huge challenges, and then dramatically brings them all together in the end of the movie in one large, grand ending scene that will have you on the edge of your seat.  It really is a great movie. 

Do You Believe

I highly recommend the movie.  I also want to make sure I mentioned the big climactic scene at the end.  It is great, but can be one of those times that if you are holding your wife’s hand, she could begin to exert an uncomfortably large amount of pressure on your hand but you don’t want to interrupt things to try to stop it…  Kind of like childbirth in that regard…  Speaking of childbirth, there is a scene in the movie where a baby is born.  Although it is very tastefully filmed, it is clear enough of what is going on that it could generate some childbirth questions from little ones trying to figure out what is going on here.  There are also other scenes dealing with the “criminal violence” I mentioned earlier that could stress out the little ones.  I would call it similar, but perhaps more intense than the criminal scenes and gunfight in Courageous.     

Do You Believe

So, with a couple caveats for watching with little ones, I think this is a great movie that takes on some big and intense issues and beautifully weaves together stories of several groups of people.  It examines the question of whether you believe in the cross of Christ, and if you do, how that should affect your life.  It is an exciting movie with several intense scenes, but especially the big one at the end… did I mention that part? 

Have you seen Do You Believe?

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