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Today for Family Fun Times, I want to write about one of our most favorite vacation destinations.  I am talking about the Creation Museum in Northern Kentucky.  It is our favorite for many reasons. 

We love taking road trips together as a family.  Sure, there are things about travelling with a family of 8 that have potential for making things more challenging than perhaps other family vacations, but I do enjoy hitting the road with my family.  I think one reason these are special times for me is that I remember travelling with my parents when I was a child.  When on road trips, I remember my dad saying, “hey, we’re on vacation”, which usually meant we were going to do something that was a lot of fun and a special treat, and probably a little out of the norm of what we would typically do.  Now I like to do those kinds of things with my children.  Another reason we like taking road trips together is that means we are together and not apart…  That may seem obvious, but when I travel with work, if possible, we like to take a little leave time and do the trip as a road trip which allows us to stay together instead of being apart for that period of time. 

As I said, the Creation Museum is one of our favorite road trips that we have visited several times either as its own destination, or as a stop along the way to a trip for work.  There are so many things to do there. 

Creation Museum
The insect room is amazing!

First and foremost, the museum itself is a wonderful family activity.  It takes you through a series of rooms that show human history as told in the Bible. 

Creation Museum
In awe of a display… probably a dinosaur!

Along the way, you get to see beautifully constructed exhibits and learn how the Biblical explanation accounts for what we see in nature.  We also see that the Biblical explanations make sense to explain the things we see in nature.  Frankly to me, they make more sense than the theory of evolution does. 

I am not – by any stretch – a scientist.  However, I do have a degree in biology and so during my college years, I got quite a bit of education on evolution’s answers for the way things are today.  I think they are lacking.  I think there are big gaps in the evolutionary model that pose big problems.  However, for some reason, the scientific community does not seem to want to examine these areas to test their theory of evolution, but expects us all to make the same assumptions they make and press on…  But, hey, I think I am getting sidetracked as I am supposed to be talking about a fun family destination.  I think before I got sidetracked I was mentioning that there is the main museum that is a lot of fun to go through.  There are lots of really interesting exhibits and videos to watch as you move through the rooms.  Don’t worry, you can buy the complete set on DVD in the bookstore if you feel you don’t have time for them all!

Creation Museum
Some of the displays in the museum

After you see the main museum, there are several shows you need to see.  There are walking areas through a botanic garden which will take you to a petting zoo the children love! 

Creation Museum
Botanical Gardens- so beautiful!
Creation Museum
Petting Zoo- Petting a Zorse

There are theater shows and a planetarium, which always have interesting and entertaining presentations.  Regularly, there are plenty of other activities and workshops that are different depending on what’s going on that day (check their website for your planned visit dates). 

Creation Museum
Snakes anyone?? Our daughter holding a beautiful boa.
Creation Museum
Family Night with Pizza dinner and a Buddy Davis concert. So much fun!

Oh, and one more thing, don’t forget the zip line! 

Creation Museum
RaShell and the older children rode the zip line. It was so much fun!!! (Photo bombed by the zip line guide.)
Creation Museum
The dinosaurs are so cool!

This summer, they are going to open a new feature nearby, the Ark Encounter.  This one is really special, but I think I will talk about that one in a separate post as I want to do it justice! 

The bottom line is that one of our family’s favorite fun times is to visit the Creation Museum.  I think your family will love it too!  We highly recommend it!  If you are looking for a great place to stay, check out our post about Creation Museum lodging!

Have you visited the Creation Museum?  What looks like fun?

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This post was written by Jason Southerland

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