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Thank you to Deborah!  All the photos for this post are published with permission from  Somehow we forgot to take pictures!

Many of our Family Fun Times posts are about things to do at home like games or movies. However, sometimes, it is fun to pack up and go somewhere.  Sometimes families (especially larger than average families) find out that whoever designed the standard hotel industry model way of doing things was thinking perhaps more of single business travelers, than a small army of boys…  (completely hypothetical example).  So where is a family with children to stay when they want to travel together, and not have to get a convention sized block of hotel rooms?  I thought that would make a good subject for a couple of Family Fun Times posts…  

I have written previous posts about the Creation Museum and the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force.  When we go to the Cincinnati (or even Dayton with a little drive) area, our favorite family-friendly place to stay all together is Deborah’s Guesthouses.  We stayed there the last time we went to the Creation Museum.  We were able to rent an entire house for about the same cost as a hotel room.  The added bonus is that we didn’t have to fuss at the boys for walking too much disturbing the people below us, or being too loud and disturbing the people beside us, or swinging from the light fixtures disturbing the people above us (just kidding on that last one). Anyway, you get the idea…  You get the entire house!  I mean, sure, there are neighbors, but they are a reasonable distance and not just on the other side of the adjoining hotel room door.  We do teach our children to respectful and they are not allowed to tear things up, but sometimes we are just a little loud!

When we last stayed there, we stayed in The Cottage.  

Family Lodging
This is what our place looks like!

If you go to Deborah’s Guesthouses website they even have cool little videos showing each house! It has a great upstairs loft the children were very excited to occupy.  It also has things like a full kitchen with a dishwasher and full-sized refrigerator, and a full sized living room with real couches…  

Family Lodging
Living room with plenty of seating, even for our large family

Amenities like this allow you to prepare meals right there with everything you need including dishes, pots and pans, coffee maker, crock pot, etc.  This allows a family to bring food or hit a grocery store and eat for a cost that is something close to what meals at home would be, if so desired.  

Family Lodging
Plenty of space and a furnished kitchen is a huge bonus!

It even has a small library of videos with some kids movies and a couple that we found interesting as well.  There was a reading library too.  The children remember the reading nook and they also report that it is a GREAT location for hide and seek with lots of neat places where their siblings could never find them.  The single beds upstairs were in neat little “cubbies” with curtains that gave each child his own little camping experience.  The loft was a lot of fun too!

Family Lodging
The loft! There was a TV and video player up in the loft so the children could watch movies up there as well.

Off of the loft was an outside balcony where the children liked to spend some time.

Family Lodging
Partically enclosed balcony

There was a room with a double bed that had its own sink and mirror inside the bedroom.  The decision to put our teenage daughter there had the effect of dramatically increasing the availability of the hallway bathroom.  

Family Lodging
This was the perfect room for our teenage daughter. It even has a sink and mirror!

They own several Guesthouses right in the same little town.  One of them is an old bank and the children can sleep in the vault!  Very cool!  The houses can accommodate up to 23 people (The General Store), depending on which house you get!  There are several super fun ones to choose from!

All things considered, it was a great place to stay.  Our family still talks about that house as much as they talk about the destination itself!  The only downside is that the Cincinnati area is the only place we have found this company.  Next week, we’ll talk about another idea that is more readily available in other locations as well.  

What areas does your family like to travel?  Where do you like to stay?  


This post was written by Jason Southerland

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  1. We love Deborah’s guesthouses! We have stayed in the Victorian with a large group from church, the cornerhouse, and just got back from the bank a couple of weeks ago! Highly recommended!

    1. Liz- Thank you for commenting! The Victorian looks like so much fun. I would love to go there sometime. My boys want to go to the bank so bad… but I think we have too many people. 🙂 Thank you again for your comment. Have a blessed day!

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