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     OK, so last week we talked about Facing the Giants.  The Kendrick Brothers films are some of our favorites.  I sat down here at the computer to write about a game our family loves to play for Family Fun Times, but my children are watching another Kendrick Brothers film in the living room.  They are watching Courageous.  I can hear enough of the film from in here and I am familiar enough with the content of the film that I think I will switch gears and write about this great movie instead.  We will save “Settlers of Catan” for next week… 

     Like Facing the Giants, Courageous is another film that is one of our family’s absolute favorites.  A couple times a week, RaShell takes karate lessons with the older children.  As a result, I find myself home with my 4 year old son and my 1 year old son.  The 1 year old does not often express preferences on what activities to do during these times – I think mostly because he has not yet learned to speak.  But let me tell you – the 4 year old sure does!  Most of the time, RaShell and the older children have not even left yet and he is already telling me what he has planned for our special time together.  Once I took him through Sonic for a lemon berry slush.  (I don’t know if Sonic drinks are legitimate subjects for family fun time posts, but I will add in here for no extra charge that I highly recommend the lemon berry slush from Sonic!)  Let me also say here that my 4 year old also highly recommends it!  He usually requests a lemon berry slush and one of only two movies.  One movie he requests regularly is Paddington – I’ll save that for a future post…  the other movie he requests almost every time is Courageous!  It is one movie I am happy to have him watch. 

The whole point of the movie is that the proper role of a Godly father is of extreme importance, and it is a role that men should embrace in a deliberate, diligent, way with a purpose.  The movie teaches us this important lesson without detracting from the critical role of a mother or other important influences.  However, the movie addresses effective, Godly fatherhood as something that has been on the decline in our society, and follows the stories of several men who work together for the Sheriff’s Department in Dougherty County, Georgia.  A life changing event in one of the men’s lives makes it clear to him that he is not being the parent that God tells us to be in His Word.  The movie shows the men make a commitment to fully embrace their role as Godly men, husbands, and fathers, and then struggle through the challenges that so often seem to accompany such a decision.  Like all the Kendrick Brothers films, there is a very serious plot that will keep you riveted to the storyline, pausing only to take another tissue… and there is also a perfect amount of very funny comedy sprinkled throughout as only the Kendrick Brothers can do. 

     It is true the movie has a fair share of gang activity and associated drugs and violence, which results in the PG-13 rating.  But, I will say yes, I am ok with my 4 year old little man wanting to watch Courageous again.  There is some drug and gang activity portrayed, but the good guys are fighting these things and at the same time learning to be Godly men – the kind of a Godly man that I want him to be. 

     So, go through Sonic and grab your lemon berry slush, round up your children – especially those you are trying to raise up to be Godly men – and watch this movie!  If you have already seen it a time or two, or two hundred, well, I guess I say go ahead and watch it again.  You’ll be glad you did! 

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