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In our family, we love to watch movies.  It seems like we do that quite a bit when we have a little time, and especially if we know of a movie that is good (especially if it’s on Amazon Prime so it’s free). We also like to play games.  RaShell and I have always enjoyed playing games.  Before we were married, we used to play a card game called Canasta.  If you’re interested, I will tell you about it sometime, but it won’t likely make the cut for a Family Fun Times post because early in our marriage, we decided Canasta was not contributing to a healthy and happy relationship!  So, in the interest of keeping our marriage on good ground, we stopped playing Canasta.  Maybe I will write a post about Canasta one of these days when I do a blog series on “Activities that make my wife throw cards at me.”  I wouldn’t count on seeing that post anytime soon…  (RaShell here… ummm… I agree… you probably won’t see that post anytime soon!  And I only threw cards at him one time.  And he married me anyway.  And it’s a long story.  A very long story.  Way too long to ever blog about!)

But, sometimes we find family things to do that have nothing to do with games or movies. Sometimes, a great Family Fun Time activity is to find something you all believe in, and go do some volunteer work in support of that.  That is how we feel about Compassion International.

Compassion International
RaShell’s sponsored girl, Miranda

Compassion is an organization that is doing great work and we really believe in their mission. From their own website, they define themselves as:

“A child-advocacy ministry that pairs compassionate people with those who are suffering from poverty. The ministry releases children from spiritual, economic, social, and physical poverty. The goal is for each child to become a responsible and fulfilled adult.”  

Compassion provides help to children who are in terrible conditions both physically and spiritually. They accomplish their mission by pairing up children with a sponsoring family, and then also providing Christian education, good food, and healthcare.  The organization has people on site making a huge difference in each child’s life, but the child’s sponsor is the one who makes it financially possible for this dramatic change to happen.  As a sponsor, you also have opportunity to write to your sponsored child and to speak words of hope and encouragement to them.

Compassion International
Letter from Laura
Compassion International
Letter from Miranda








You will also receive letters back from the child, and get to hear first hand of the difference you are making in their life and family.  

Compassion International
Hannah’s sponsored girl, Laura

From the time our family learned of Compassion, we were impressed with the organization. RaShell had mentioned it to me several times, but it took a little while to get me on board. However, for Christmas a couple years ago, I told RaShell I wanted to sponsor a child as a Christmas gift to her.  She loved it and we have been supporters of Compassion International ever since.  Not long after we sponsored our little girl in Mexico, whose name is Miranda, our daughter starting a small baking business.  Now she sells baked breads and cookies, and uses some of her proceeds to sponsor an additional child.  Her sponsored child’s name is Laura.  

So, this past weekend, Compassion was in a nearby town with the Compassion Experience.  It is an exhibit where you walk through a series of rooms set up inside a trailer, and listen to an audio presentation that tells the story of a child sponsored by Compassion and the difference it made in their lives, from hopelessness, poverty, and despair to hope in the Lord through their salvation in Jesus, and a changed physical life as well with health and education.  It is a moving exhibit!  My oldest two children and I volunteered and were asked to help passing out the headsets for the audio.  

Compassion International
Volunteering at Compassion Experience

We had a great time together!  RaShell brought the younger ones out and went through the exhibit with them.  

Compassion International
The younger children enjoying The Compassion Experience

It prepares their hearts for the work of Compassion International and opens their eyes so they see a few of the challenges that children face in other parts of the world.  When we left the exhibit that day, there were 14 more children that had sponsors than when we got there!  It is great knowing we had at least a small part in helping that many people with a few hours work.  It is hard to believe that sponsoring a child for a contribution of only $38 a month can make such a difference in someone’s life.   If you have ever thought about sponsoring a child, we would encourage you to use our affiliate link to sponsor through Compassion.  We don’t make any money on that affiliate program, but the children we sponsor will get a benefit from it…  Thank you!  

Sometimes the best Family Fun Times are when you have the chance to make a difference in the lives of a bunch of children, and have a great time doing it!  


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