Dear People Who Don’t Have Time for Ministry

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My 16-year-old daughter has a heart bigger than the state of Texas. Any given day will find her eagerly making her way to the mailbox, hoping for a word from one of her sponsored children in Mexico.  

The letter arrives, my daughter rushes inside, squealing with joy!  Getting a letter from her little girl brightens her day.  As she quickly scans the precious letter,  my daughter’s face drops, and her eyes well up with tears as she disbelievingly reads some terrible news from her child…

I am a busy, home educating mommy to 6 children and sometimes finding ways to minister outside our home can be difficult.  Hannah’s passion for Compassion International and their ministry has provided our family opportunities to serve in ways that we can fit around our crazy schedule.

My family sponsors 4 children in need and we volunteer at every chance we get.

My husband, Jason, has been to most of the volunteer events with Hannah.  Her 13-year-old brother joined her at one volunteer event that had a lower volunteer age requirement. 

Mom’s Turn

This last event, we decided that I would go with her.  The event was a huge women’s conference, and I wanted a chance to go with Hannah as a Compassion Volunteer event so it was decided that it was my turn! 

Hannah and I arrived and we soon learned that we would be manning the Compassion table on the floor, inside the huge arena.  The night before, Compassion had passed out 1,000 packets filled with children who have some desperate needs.  Since this was a two-day event, they were hoping some of those would come back for sponsorship.  They were not disappointed! 

When all was said and done, over 400 new children were sponsored through that event.  The joy and excitement welled up in my heart as people returned to sign up. What a privilege to have a small part in matching people up with a child in need!

Compassion International
A few of the 400+ child packets

It was the most amazing experience to get to talk to so many people!  Some were sponsoring children for the first time.  Some were adding an additional child.  Hannah and I were shocked at how many people sponsored multiple children. 

Why We Love This Ministry

The longer we volunteer for Compassion International, the more I am convinced that this is truly an amazing ministry.  Before we sponsored our first children, many years ago, I looked at years of financial records from multiple ministries.  Compassion stood out by leaps and bounds. 

We wanted to support a ministry that was truly helping the children, who worked with national pastors and churches, and who kept their overhead costs to a minimum so that more of the support could go directly to the child.  We have found all this and so much more with Compassion International.

Compassion International

I don’t get paid to write for Compassion and all of our time is completely volunteer.  We truly believe in the mission and ministry of Compassion and we are passionate about the work they are doing all over the world.

We love sharing the mission and message of Compassion and we love getting letters from our children.  It is an incredible way for us to minister to others as a family. 

You Can Make a Difference, Too

If you sign up to sponsor a child through a link on our blog, one of our sponsored children will receive a one time gift of $25.  You are not charged for this additional $25.  There is a fund set up by Compassion for this very reason and people donate to the fund.  Our sponsored children do not receive any benefit from our work at the volunteer events.

I love being able to help others whether it’s through our work with Compassion, teaching cooking and baking classes, Mommy’s Apron blog, one of the co-ops I run, nursing home Bible study, or whatever other way the Lord has for me.  And I especially love being able to minister alongside my family and allowing our younger children to be involved by helping us write letters to our sponsored children and by praying for them every day is such a blessing.

That letter that Hannah received?  Her little girl poured out her heart and asked Hannah to pray because her younger sister had died.  Tugging on the heartstrings, making a real connection, my daughter is learning what it is like to sympathize and grieve with others.  A compassionate heart will serve her well all of her life.

Compassion International allows all of us who have a heart bigger than the state of Texas to minister to others in the midst of our crazy busy schedules.  Will you join us today?

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