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 So, we have discussed Compassion International a couple times before in Family Fun Times. It is a cause we all believe in very much, and is therefore the source of lots of fun activities that we undertake together to support their important and life saving work. I believe I shared with you that my daughter wanted to sponsor a child through Compassion, so she started a small baking business, and uses her proceeds to sponsor a child. The little girl she sponsored is at the same center in Mexico as the little girl that we had sponsored. Since that time, my daughter approached me several times for permission to sponsor another child. I told her I didn’t want her to over-obligate herself financially, etc. We had several conversations like this. At some point, it seemed the conversation subsided. One day, however, she brought me some interesting news… It kind of got my attention.

The news she brought me was that there were two children who needed sponsors at the same center in Mexico where our other two sponsored children were. We like the idea of trying to stay in the same center in the hopes that one day, perhaps we can visit. There was one girl, and one boy. The boy’s name is Pedro. As you might have guessed, my daughter successfully secured her daddy’s permission to sponsor the girl, and I sponsored Pedro.

Compassion International

I have volunteered at Compassion events, spoken with their staff and other volunteers, spoken with folks about the great things about sponsoring a child, etc, etc. However, the deep, dark, truth of the matter was that my wife and daughter did all of the activity associated with the children we sponsored. They wrote the letters, they kept the letters they received in return, etc. So, despite being a big fan of Compassion, I had not personally participated in their most basic core mission. So, I decided to sponsor Pedro. I thought it would be fun to share with you a little about my sponsorship experience with Pedro as it happens.

After I made the decision to support Pedro, and sent in the first monthly support check, I received a packet of information back from Compassion. The information told me about Pedro, his family, the area of Mexico where he lives, etc. It turns out, Pedro’s birthday is very close to one of my son’s birthdays, so it is easy to remember about what size he is. Inside my packet was also a couple photos of Pedro, including one photo on a bookmark. On the back of the bookmark, there are 31 different suggested prayer subjects to give me ideas of how to pray for him each day. I put the bookmark in my Bible. I even figured out how to go online and write Pedro a letter. I introduced my family to him and included a family photo. Compassion will translate my letter for Pedro and get it to him. They will also help him write a letter back to me.

Compassion International
Prayer Bookmark

Stay tuned for lots of Family Fun Times as I share a little of my sponsoring experience with you here. If you’d like to sponsor a child, I highly recommend Compassion International!
When I get my first letter from Pedro, I will share it with you here – stay tuned!

Compassion International gives us the opportunity to help those who are less fortunate than us. Please consider joining us by sponsoring a child.

Sponsor a Child in Jesus Name with Compassion

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