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American Landmarks
Golden Gate Bridge

We’re very excited that Nana and Tricia from Southern Hodgepodge and are starting out our launch week with a super giveaway that will add some color and a ton of fun to your home!

A Simple Start in Chalk Pastels
Several years ago I came across a neat website as I was looking for some art materials for my children.  I am a non-art kind of mom, but I wanted my children to be able to do something in this area.  I came across Southern Hodgepodge and something called soft chalk pastels.  

After reading the free ebook Getting Started in Chalk Pastel Art, I decided to order some cheap soft chalk pastels for my children and give it a try.  We started with some of the free chalk painting tutorials on Southern Hodgepodge and we were hooked!  We purchased A Simple Start in Chalk Pastels and bought a better quality set of soft chalk pastels and we haven’t looked back!

Our family has had a blast using this medium.  My children ages 3-15 all use the soft chalk pastels and we have so much fun working on our paintings together.  The first ebook we purchased was A Simple Start in Chalk Pastels.  It is full of easy and fun chalk paintings on a variety of subjects.  We have had so much fun with this first book that we now have just about every ebook Southern Hodgepodge has created.  

On cold days we like to make hot chocolate bar and break out our chalk pastels to do some painting.  On our super hot summer days we like to stay inside and paint with chalk pastels as well. My children saw that I was writing this post and they started asking when we were going to paint next.  I think it’s time to pull them out again!  It is such a wonderful way to do a “reset” in our family.  Sometimes we just need to stop what we’re doing and pull out the chalks!  It’s amazing how much peace that can bring to our “sometimes chaos”.  

When I was pregnant with my last baby and he was was past his due date, the children and I did a ton of paintings from the American Landmarks: Chalk Pastel Art for All Ages book.  Nana and Tricia have graciously agreed to give a copy of this book to one of my readers!  The winner will be announced on Tuesday, September 8, 2015.  Please watch for the post, as the winner will be required to contact me to claim the prize.

To be entered into the drawing for a copy of American Landmarks, let me know in the comments below what is your favorite art medium?  Have you ever used soft chalk pastels?

American Landmarks
Arches National Park

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15 thoughts on “ Giveaway

    1. You and your grandchildren would really enjoy it. It is such a fun medium to use. Be sure to check out their website, they have tons of free chalk pastel painting tutorials!

  1. Although I am a “non-art” mom too, the children love to make art projects, and this looks like something I can do! I will occasionally decorate our meal plan schedule with colored pencils 😉

  2. I’ve used pastels and watercolor in the past. A few years ago, I got into photography. I have several grandchildren who are great artists. They would love this. Thanks

    1. I am sure you would enjoy it. I find it so relaxing! 🙂 Make sure you check out all the free chalk pastel painting tutorials on the website. They are so generous and there is plenty of material over there to get started!

  3. I’m not very artsy, so honestly my favorite art medium is just my favorite pen that I doodle in my notebooks and journal in!!! I’ve had my eye on chalk pastels for awhile now and would love to have the chance to do them with my children!

  4. My artistic avenue is writing, but I just found two canvases in my house and plan to do some acrylic painting. I’m curious to see if I can do it.

  5. Last year we discovered real water colors. This “non art” mom always thought crayola were as good as it gets. When we tried some that were better quality, my kids saw the difference and really began enjoying them.

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