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The Cinnamon Rolls That Will Make You a Hero with Your Family

Four birthdays and an anniversary in five weeks. Can you say “SICK OF CAKE?” by the fourth week? That’s what we are. Caked out. Like, I don’t want to see any more cake for 4 months. My oldest son happens to be the last in that line of events and he too was suffering from “sick of cake syndrome”. One year, after groaning at the mention of cake for his birthday, he requested cinnamon rolls! Oh baby! That’s my boy!

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Dear People Who Don’t Have Time for Ministry

My 16 year old daughter has a heart bigger than the state of Texas. She is passionate about the children she sponsors in Mexico. I am a busy, home educating mommy to 6 children and sometimes finding ways to minister outside our home can be difficult. Hannah’s passion for Compassion International and their ministry has provided our family opportunities to serve in ways that we can fit around our crazy schedule.

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