About Us


In the last few decades, our society has moved in a consistent direction away from the old fashioned goodness that was once the product of our home kitchens. This movement has been fueled by the desire to make food faster, more convenient, and more shelf-stable. (We understand those desires!). As our society has embraced these changes, we have learned to prioritize convenience over the nutrition and goodness that previous generations enjoyed. Over the same period of time, however, there have been countless advances in tools and technology that make our lives easier and faster—including the art of food preparation in the kitchen.

At Mommy’s Apron, we embrace modern technology, and use it to help us produce the kind of nutritious goodness that once flowed from the kitchens of our great-grandmothers, but faster and more efficiently than ever! Our heart is to share these things with others to help them provide big improvements to the quality and nutrition of their family meals, while also helping to figure out how to put them into a modern kitchen and modern schedule.

Mommy’s Apron—Teaching homemade goodness in the modern kitchen.

Our History

Hi! We are Team Southerland. My name is RaShell and I am the wife and mommy part of Team Southerland. My incredible husband Jason and I have 6 children. We love and serve Jesus Christ and are so thankful to Him for all that He has done for us.  We see our world through a Biblical worldview and our faith influences all we say or do.

When Jason and I first got married we lived in the country of Turkey. I wasn’t much of a cook at the time, and it was cheaper for us to eat out than it was to buy groceries, so we ate out all the time. We moved from Turkey to Germany and it was a shock. It was so expensive that I had to learn how to cook! Taste of Home magazine and my Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook became my best friends. Two years into my marriage, I slowly learned how to cook dinner every night. I relied heavily on canned soups and packaged meals with a few “from scratch” things thrown in here and there.  Over the years, I wanted to eat healthier and save even more money so I learned to cook many things from scratch.

One day, when our first child was just a few months old, I was nursing her and she started violently shaking from head to foot.  I thought she may be having a seizure.  I was nursing her in the restroom of the hospital at the time and I immediately rushed her back into the office.  Two different doctors grabbed her and rushed her into an exam room.  They looked her over and didn’t have any explanations at all.  She was completely stable.  At church on Sunday I was telling a friend what happened and she started drilling me on what I had eaten for dinner the night before and for breakfast.  I have come to the conclusion that my daughter’s issues may have been related to some packaged and processed food that I had eaten and the chemicals went to her through my breast milk.  This was alarming!  I started making very small changes at that point, but I was still overwhelmed with just learning how to cook!  Fast forward several more years, another country, a couple more states, and a few children later, to a time when we realized that our third child had severe food allergies. It was time to learn and grow in my skills in the kitchen again. God showed us many things along the way, and one thing He taught me was that if I ground wheat to make bread and pizza dough, my son could eat it! It opened up a whole new world for my son and our family.

As I continued to study and research ways to help my son, I was amazed at what I was learning and our way of eating began to change. I moved even further away from processed foods and closer to eating the food the way God made it. Real butter, raw milk, eggs from our own chickens, and grass fed beef became our new way of eating. It was amazing! I saw God heal my son and help us get a handle on the allergies he still has.

I am in awe at the journey God has taken us on. I love to learn and to research. I also love helping others. If I can pass along some of the knowledge that I have spent years learning, and help to shorten the learning curve for others, then I count it a privilege to have that opportunity. This is the heart of Mommy’s Apron.

Team Southerland